Grab some fall goodies while supplies last!

Handmade Beauty, Just for You!

Handcrafted Goods in Dickinson

Hi! I'm Danielle, an everyday woman, crafter, and art educator with a lifelong passion for crafting unique handmade jewelry and accessories. Prairie ...

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Carefully Crafted Pieces

My collection of artisan jewelry is versatile, satisfying every style, mood, and event. From subtle to statement, you'll find stud earrings for day-to-day ...
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Embrace Your Inner Artist, Share Your Story

Jewelry has always been an incredible way to express yourself. It can represent your faith and cultural identity as well as emphasize what you stand for. ...
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Do I love fall? APPLE-solutely! Fall launch is here! (More restocking and Halloween goodies to come...)

Happy Howdy

Hello there!

I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for checking out Prairie Pretty. It's been a labor of love to get this adventure going, so I am so thankful for your interest in helping my tiny business grow! Jesus loves you and so do I! 


  • Handcrafted
  • Hypoallergenic Pieces
  • Local Pickup Option
  • Debit/Credit/Paypal Accepted
  • Lightweight


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